Insurance always seems to cost too much,  Let us try to explain it:
When insurers issue policies they face RISK and the degree of risk determines cost of premiums.
Insurers have to accurately determine risk to insure that claims paid will not exceed premiums collected. 
Insurers assess risk for each person using complex algorithm forumulas.  Each insurer developes his own formula, most major insurers have similarities.

Sometimes risk seems unfair, for example, your wife pays less because she’s a woman.
Don't take it personal: They go by trends. Top risk assessors analyze trends.  They go through large data banks to find the biggest trends, for example, the data determines that men speed far more often than women and have more serious accidents, bad credit is also more of a claims risk.  Another example, people who smoke need more medical treatment than nonsmokers, 

Pooling Risk - The Pros and Cons

Strangely, a portion of every premium dollar goes towards insuring other people. This is grouping or pooling risk. Pooling risk makes insurance work. If insurers assigned risk individually, we would never drive a car, own or rent a house, start a business etc. the risk would be too great and affordable premium prices unattainable.  Spread the risk and insurance becomes affordable.

Pooling has its downside also, for example - auto insurance,  data shows that young men drive fast and recklessly, therefore we all must pay more.  Because our society over indulges in nicotine, trans fats and sugar, higher health insurance premiums are the result.

Pooling risk is the best way to keep insurance premiums low.  You give a little but you gain a lot of protection. 

For your consideration - The ability of an insurance company to properly assess risk determines their ability to pay when you make a claim.

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