Let us launch you into today's exciting world of internet business with IBIS (Internet Business Income System). 

IBIS is a guide showing how anyone can start a business online. The goal is to generate internet income. It will show you the path through the maze awaiting all aspiring entrepreneurs on the information highway. 

You want to start an online business but you're not sure how to get started... Right?

Okay, so let me ask you a question...
Do any of these describe you? 
•  I have no web design knowledge.
•  I have no product to sell.
•  I have no one to sell to.
•  I have a limited budget to begin.

Sounds pretty bleak, doesn't it? But, did you know that's how most people start? In fact, that's how most of the online marketing giants started with very little. It's true!

So, you see...
There's hope for YOU to earn an income online. And, you can get started now! 
If you were to start a traditional business, you would need a premises, an inventory and customers.  The development of each would be extremely costly and would come at considerable risk.

In the new realm of internet business, your premises is your website.  The products you sell go directly from the supplier to the customer (at no cost to you). Search engines are the doorway through which your customers will come.