Discount Auto Insurance Eligibility Checklist

Before looking into discounts, make sure you do a thorough job comparison shopping. Get at least three quotes from three different companies because rates vary greatly from insurer to insurer. Be sure the policies for which you are getting quotes have the same deductibles and the same terms so you can accurately compare rates.

Most auto insurance companies offer discounts to their drivers under certain conditions. To get the most bang for less bucks, go through the following items on the checklist below to see if you qualify for one or more discounts!

Researching multiple policies:
If you have homeowner’s insurance or renter’s insurance, consider obtaining your auto insurance from the same company. Many companies will often offer a discount on both your home and auto insurance if you take out both policies with them.

Having a good driving record: 
Policyholders who have not had an accident or a moving violation for a set number of years are often eligible for further discounts. The discount varies from insurer to insurer.

Being a good student: 
Insurance companies consider honor students to be more responsible drivers. They often give a discount for good grades to students that you have added on your policy.

Taking a defensive driver’s course: 
Policy holders who voluntarily take a defensive driver’s course are often eligible for a discount on their insurance. If the defensive driving course was required because of traffic violations, however, a discount is usually not given.

Having low mileage: 
Some insurance companies give discounts to drivers who drive below the average number of miles per year than others drive.

Carpooling to work: 
Those who carpool use their cars less often. Some insurers see this as a lower risk and therefore offer a discount.

Having good credit: 
Auto insurance companies are beginning to base their rates on credit scores. Keeping your credit score as good as it can be may get you a better rate.

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